Are you …

  • an early career professional who wants to connect with other circus industry professionals to expand your knowledge and develop a framework for career advancement?
  • a recent graduate of or hoping to attend a professional circus school and looking for support as you take your next steps?
  • looking to pivot fields within the industry but don’t know where to begin?
  • a seasoned circus professional who wants to give back by sharing your experience in support of the development of future circus pros?

Then the ACA’s Mentorship Program is for you!

Application information:

  • Is the mentorship program right for you? Please carefully review the timeline and make sure that you have time to devote to this partnership.
  • You must apply to participate in the mentorship program. Applications will take about 10 minutes to complete, and can be filled out here.
  • In order to apply you must be an ACA member. Not a member yet? No problem. Join Now!
  • In order to participate, you must agree to and adhere to the American Circus Alliance Code of Ethics.

The ACA Mentorship program runs twice a year; Spring (May-June) and Winter (Dec-Mar) Exact timeline dates will be announced when the application period begins (one month prior).

Timeline covers approximately four months:

  1. Application Due Date – Mentees and mentors must have submitted their completed applications to the ACA.
  2. Pairings Announced – within 4-6 weeks after application due date the ACA will connect Mentor/Mentee pairings via email.
  3. First Group Meeting – The ACA will meet with all participants virtually to review the program, and identify the project(s) that each pair will be working on over the next 4-6 weeks. Project period begins.
  4. Projects lasting 4-6 weeks within these 2 months – The mentors and mentees will meet and work 1-5 hours/week on their chosen project(s).
  5. Closing Group Meeting – Everyone will meet virtually to share progress made over the month and give feedback on the process.

*Specific dates to be determined. Event dates are subject to change.

Office hours are available for mentors and mentees to troubleshoot or discuss their experience throughout the program period.

Questions? We would love to help you out! Email us at:

Brought to you by the Youth and Emerging Professionals Committee of the ACA.

Mentorship Program Mission: The ACA Mentorship Program is hosting this project-based mentor/mentee partnership program to provide ACA members with opportunities for mutual professional development through education, service, and networking opportunities with committed industry professionals.


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