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In 2022 the American Circus Alliance (ACA) partnered with the American Youth Circus Organization/American Circus Educators (AYCO/ACE) to create a comprehensive survey of the circus sector in the United States. AYCO/ACE conducts a survey of educational organizations every two years, and in 2022 ACA collaborated to expand the survey to include individual circus workers and production companies.

The purpose of the ACA survey is to gather information on the sector and its scale to advocate on behalf of circus workers and organizations. View PDF

American Circus Alliance - Circus Survey 2022 Final Report

This report will focus primarily on circus education organizations, but where applicable, ACE/AYCO has included information from the ACA report. View PDF

American Circus Alliance - Circus Survey 2022 Final Report

A Survey by the American Circus Alliance

Pertaining to the time period March 2020 – April 2021

  • 180 participants (135 Individuals and 45 Companies)
  • Totaling $24.8 million in lost revenue
  • An average loss of 77% of their annual income
  • 91% Applied for unemployment insurance, PPE, or other government issued aid
  • 79% of those who applied for aid received it.
  • 70% reported that their Covid related financial losses or career setbacks have jeopardized their ability to continue professional activities

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