The American Circus Alliance aims to establish a resilient network to unite, promote, and champion the art of American circus, its practitioners, and those who work to support it.


Circus thrives as a vital component of the American cultural fabric.

“A Thriving Circus Ecosystem”

The American Circus Alliance is a service and advocacy organization dedicated to circus performance and production in the United States. To achieve this vision, the entire ecosystem of American circus needs to be supported and nurtured. This ecosystem includes:

  • Recognition of circus as an art form – by funders, presenters, audiences
  • Funding for the creation and continuation of new and existing circus companies and productions
  • Circus training and employment that is accessible, equitable, inclusive, and safe.
  • A clear and tangible bridge between the study of circus performance and production and the profession.
  • Cooperative programs that directly benefit the American circus industry, such as reasonably priced group insurance plans.
  • A network of presenters dedicated to creating a touring circuit for American circus companies and productions
  • A service and advocacy organization that has a seat at the table for the formation of cultural policy at the national, regional, and local levels.


These are the values which we stand by:

Equity and Justice – In circus, everyone should feel seen, heard, and respected. Its historical context as an eccentric haven laid the groundwork for its evolution toward accessibility for all patrons, performers, participants, and producers. We uphold the standards for fair and equitable wages and working conditions for all creators, artists, and technicians.

Reverence – Without its deep roots in American history, no current forms of our art would exist in this country. Honoring the wonders of circus traditions and virtuosity begets an appreciation for our discipline’s cultural identity. We celebrate the circus’ legacy and work to build a future that embraces and values all.

Ingenuity – The future of American circus relies on the influences, innovation, and imagination of its practitioners. Our expressions of circus come from a distinct perspective: a mosaic of diverse voices that will propel the genre forward beyond barriers and perpetuate artistic and technical brilliance.

Cooperation – The Alliance understands that its strength lies in collaboration. This convergence of individuals, organizations, and entities connects respective experiences to provide resources and support for the advancement of American circus artistry.

Advocacy – Perseverance thrives in the spirit of circus. Its transformative power reaches beyond the stage, leaving a profound impact on the world and the societies within it. In its continual work toward progress, this Alliance will campaign for recognition and subsidies on the local, city, state, regional, and national levels.

Transparency – This Alliance vows to remain clear and honest in its operations. We encourage open and respectful communication to establish confidence in our efforts, for we realize that extraordinary things happen when there is trust, responsibility, accountability, proficiency, and safety.