Dusty’s All Star Circus

Dusty’s All Star Circus / Sarasota Box Office
For all ages
90 min
Contact: Sarasota Box Office

Phillip Dusty Sadler has dreamed of having his own circus since the age of four. Now, his dream has come true with Dusty’s All Star Circus visiting more than 200 cities annually. Each time bringing the best and the newest performers.

WOW Water Circus

WOW Circus
For all ages
30 or 50 min
Contact: Owen Leonard & Wesley Williams

It’s all hands on deck as we dive deep for adventure and plunge for fun under the high seas! WOW WATER CIRCUS throws anchor and sets sail on an unimaginable journey both above and below the surface! Discover maritime merriment above the briny

Minty Fresh Circus

Minty Fresh Circus
For all ages
60-75 min
Contact: Laura Colby

The name of this contemporary circus, Minty Fresh Circus, is inspired by our Afrofuturistic Muse, abolitionist and conductor of the Underground Railroad, Harriet Araminta Tubman (nicknamed Minty). Africans who were stolen, transported to the USA, and forced into chattel slavery have shapeshifted and recreated

Reflex: Unravelling 4,000 years of juggling


Hideaway Circus
For ages 7+
75 min
Contact: Erin Leddy

REFLEX is a new show from the mind of master juggler and visual artist Jay Gilligan created in collaboration with Frodo Santini and Hideaway Circus. Based on a series of stories about gravity and stunning juggling sequences featuring Jay’s unique inventions, props, and robots, REFLEX is

Rouge - Carloline Calouche & Co.


Caroline Calouche & Co.
For all ages
75 minutes + 15-20 min intermission
Contact: Caroline Calouche

From comedy to thrills, the circus artists and dancers will entertain you cabaret-style. Led by our Madame of Ceremonies Rachael Houdek. We have an exciting evening for you filled with gravity-defying aerial acts and tantalizing dance.

Stargazer - Caroline Calouche & Co.


Caroline Calouche & Co.
For ages 4-12 + parents
75 min
Contact: Caroline Calouche

You can experience our solar system through the eyes of a young and inquisitive girl named Stella. Caroline Calouche’s ‘Stargazer’ show features athletic, graceful and mesmerizing dance and circus artists that will take you on an incredible adventure through

The Artist Will Be With You in a Moment - Parallel Exit

The Artist Will Be With You in a Moment

Parallel Exit
For all ages
60 min
Contact: Mark Lonergan

Three-time Drama Desk nominee Parallel Exit presents THE ARTIST WILL BE WITH YOU IN A MOMENT — an immersive audience experience featuring Joel Jeske in a solo comic performance as an artist, performer, and clown. A creative force who “can get laughs simply by breathing” (The

RagTag - Cirque Us

RagTag: A Circus in Stitches

Cirque Us
For all ages
60-90 min
Contact: Doug Stewart

Follow our RagTag group of threadbare, yarn-spinning characters as they explore a new patchwork world. You’ll be entwined with our group of mismatched artists as they stitch together a tapestry of talents. This show features high-flying, knot-tying, gravity defying aerialists, loopy jugglers, musicians that pull at

Cirque Ballet

Troupe Vertigo
For all ages
70 min
Contact: Aloysia Gavre

Inspired by timeless classical ballets, Troupe Vertigo reimagines these beloved stories with a circus twist bringing these enchanting fables soaring to life. Fusing together, the circus arts along with classical dance, and contemporary theatre, these classical ballet archetypes become realized with whimsy, beauty,

Goodbye Party the Show - Big Teeth Performance Collective

Goodbye Party the Show

Big Teeth Performance Collective
For all ages
75 min
Contact: Naomi Ullian, Jess Hill, Allison McDermott, and Violet Defiant Livingston

Goodbye Party is an evening-length work of physical theater set in the offices of the going-out-of-business Earth the Planet, LLC. As the corporation collapses, the multi-species staff congregate for a final farewell to