Dusty’s All Star Circus

Dusty’s All Star Circus / Sarasota Box Office
For all ages
90 min
Contact: Sarasota Box Office

Phillip Dusty Sadler has dreamed of having his own circus since the age of four. Now, his dream has come true with Dusty’s All Star Circus visiting more than 200 cities annually. Each time bringing the best and the newest performers.

WOW Water Circus

WOW Circus
For all ages
30 or 50 min
Contact: Owen Leonard & Wesley Williams

It’s all hands on deck as we dive deep for adventure and plunge for fun under the high seas! WOW WATER CIRCUS throws anchor and sets sail on an unimaginable journey both above and below the surface! Discover maritime merriment above the briny

Minty Fresh Circus

Minty Fresh Circus
For all ages
60-75 min
Contact: Laura Colby

The name of this contemporary circus, Minty Fresh Circus, is inspired by our Afrofuturistic Muse, abolitionist and conductor of the Underground Railroad, Harriet Araminta Tubman (nicknamed Minty). Africans who were stolen, transported to the USA, and forced into chattel slavery have shapeshifted and recreated

Stars Above- HideAway Circus

Stars Above

Hideaway Circus
For all ages
85 min
Contact: Erin Leddy

Stars Above is an outdoor family friendly circus show created by founders of Hideaway Circus, Josh & Lyndsay Aviner. Set to original music and reimagined cover songs, Stars Above is a modern take on the nostalgic small touring circuses from two hundred years ago. Featuring

RagTag - Cirque Us

RagTag: A Circus in Stitches

Cirque Us
For all ages
60-90 min
Contact: Doug Stewart

Follow our RagTag group of threadbare, yarn-spinning characters as they explore a new patchwork world. You’ll be entwined with our group of mismatched artists as they stitch together a tapestry of talents. This show features high-flying, knot-tying, gravity defying aerialists, loopy jugglers, musicians that pull at

Goodbye Party the Show - Big Teeth Performance Collective

Goodbye Party the Show

Big Teeth Performance Collective
For all ages
75 min
Contact: Naomi Ullian, Jess Hill, Allison McDermott, and Violet Defiant Livingston

Goodbye Party is an evening-length work of physical theater set in the offices of the going-out-of-business Earth the Planet, LLC. As the corporation collapses, the multi-species staff congregate for a final farewell to

Flatbed Follies - Bindlestiff Family Cirkus

Flatbed Follies

Bindlestiff Family Cirkus
For all ages
45-60 min
Contact: Keith Nelson

Bindlestiff Family Cirkus’ Flatbed Follies is an outdoor mobile venue that brings the performing arts into the streets. Developed in response to COVID, Flatbed Follies instantly became a vehicle offering joy and wonder to a recovering world. Performances take place upon innovative parade float

One Man's Trash - Cirque Us

One Man’s Trash

Cirque Us
For all ages
90 min
Contact: Doug Stewart

Grab your garbage bags, pick up the recycling, and get ready to laugh and cheer as this repurposed circus turns trash into treasure! Originally produced in 2016 and following the overwhelming success of its 2022 revival, “One Man’s Trash” is back again in 2023 for its

The Gantry Bike Show - Cirque Mechanics

The Gantry Bike Show

Cirque Mechanics
For ages 8-85
45 min strolling show
Contact: Chris Lashua

This pedal driven circus platform was initially designed for the festival world. Its large size and capacity to deliver aerial acts anyplace made it an instant hit. Because of this portability the Gantry can create truly memorable immersive experiences. While it is designed

Bananas! - Circus Bella


Circus Bella
For all ages
60 min
Contact: Abigail Munn

Circus Bella offers a Modern Twist on One-Ring Circus…Overflowing with Heart and Soul. BANANAS is a bombastic ballyhoo and celebration of silliness. Directed by Abigail Munn, the 60-minute performance features the effervescent Circus Bella Company – a diverse and talented troupe of acrobats, aerialists, jugglers, and